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Job Descriptions

1. Responsible for the organization and construction of the distribution, and improve the quality and ability of all levels of the distribution operation teams
2. Responsible for formulating various evaluation standards within the department, and carrying out training, inspection, rewards and punishments at the same time
3. Responsible for the management of staffs, assets, and 6S
4. Responsible for supervising and improving the operation process, putting forward reasonable suggestions, and improving operation efficiency and quality
5. Responsible for allocating work affairs and daily work management, coordinating the work between the allocation and various functional departments
6. Responsible for other tasks arranged by the General Manager of the regional branch
7. Responsible for organizing employees to carry out daily sorting and booking orders
8. Responsible for staff scheduling, work arrangement, and assessment
9. Responsible for 6S management of express distribution
10. Responsible for the dispatch and management of freight transportations, improve efficiency and reduce costs
11. Responsible for the internal asset and material management of the department to ensure that it is correct
12. Be good at finding operation problems, putting forward reasonable suggestions and plans, and continuously optimizing the operation process
13. Assist the operation manager to deal with other distribution management matters

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above;
2.Team management experience 5 years and above, team members not less than 20 people;
3. Male, under 38 years old (inclusive); good health, no bad habits
4. Possess strong inter-departmental communication skills and problem-solving skills

Job Details

Overview :

  • Location : Phnom Penh
  • Job Title: Operations Manager
  • Job details Posted on : July 22, 2021 12:43 AM Company hiring for : First HR
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